Operations Support Systems (OSS)

To have a robust business in the 21st century you need to react to changes around you. One change that happens a lot involves mobile, and you need to get a lot of your traffic from mobile. Mobile will provide new customers and therefore new sources of revenue.

So you need Operations Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS). Both of these help you grow your current mobile network while expanding into new areas.

You need to adapt and change the way you’re doing business when you’re using these kinds of systems. It’s all parts of your network, not just those being hit by mobile.

Here are some ways mobile can impact your network:

  • You’re always working on your website’s mobile reach because mobile networks are always changing and expanding.

  • New buildings going up in a city with force mobile network support infrastructure to change, possibly expand, and this means your business can benefit.

  • Keeping up with those networks is great, but you also need to have revenue management systems in place so you can handle the changes these networks require.

  • Jaff Networks helps you solve your mobile and OSS dilemmas fast and affordably. But we also help you in other areas as well.

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is another component of OSS and BSS that is critical to your business. Don’t overlook this aspect, something that many businesses do. Have the answers to your customers’ questions ready before they even call or contact you.

    With more than 50 billion handheld and mobile devices active by 2020 you know this will just be a growing and expanding part of your business. Let Jaff Networks help you – contact us today!